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What should we pay attention to when using corrugated box pa

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When choosing corrugated box packaging, we should first consider the nature, weight, storage and transportation conditions and circulation environment of the product, then design according to the design principle of shockproof packaging and corrugated box design method, and also follow the relevant standards, such as the packaging of export commodities should meet the requirements of international standards or foreign businessmen, and pass the relevant tests, Therefore, corrugated box packaging selection should pay attention to the following two points.
Carton packing
1. Corrugated type of corrugated board
Corrugating model, according to the corrugating score for a, B, C, e four categories, different mechanical properties of corrugated board is also different. Type a corrugated board has the highest plane pressure and higher compressive strength, while type B has the opposite, while type C has better plane pressure, vertical pressure, parallel pressure and buffering force; The thickness of corrugated board, a type is the largest, C type is the second, B type is the second, E type is the smallest, Huai'an carton because of the thickness of small paperboard processing bending easier. According to the different mechanical properties of corrugated board, it is better to use a or C type for single side corrugated box, a, B or B, C type for double side corrugated box, and B type for those close to the outer surface. A. B type or B, C type combination can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the carton; In terms of printability, both type B and type C are good for printing.
2. Box shape of corrugated box
On the premise of ensuring the quality of cartons, we should try our best to save the processing materials and packaging costs of cartons. For example: the same volume of the carton, using length: width: height of 2:1:2 when the most material, the ratio of 1:1:1 when the most material. Therefore, square boxes should be avoided as far as possible, and the utilization ratio of products to the volume of boxes, the utilization ratio of boxes to the volume of trucks and trains, and the stability of stacking during storage and pumping should also be considered
What is the direct relationship between bursting resistance and compression resistance of cartons?
Compression generally refers to the static force, burst in addition to static pressure, but also includes dynamic impact force. The former can be determined by the maximum stacking test, while the latter is generally selected by the natural falling of a certain height, the frequent accidental impact in the process of handling and the degree of transportation turbulence.
What is the conceptual difference between carton puncture strength and bursting strength? Puncture strength refers to the maximum power that the carton can withstand against sudden impact; The burst strength refers to the internal ability to resist local extrusion; The domestic light industry standard has cancelled the puncturing strength index, but there are still requirements for export cartons.
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